Remote workforce
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Remote workforce

Your remote employees need a way to safely and securely share, access and dispose of records from their home offices, all the while remaining compliant with your records and information management privacy and security policies. Now and for post-COVID times, we offer digitisation, storage, data management and shred services that enable compliance whether at home or in the office.

  • Are you able to transform physical records to digital records, quickly? If you need to access records in your archive, or manage new inbound paper records on a daily basis, we convert them and deliver the digital copies to the right people quickly and securely, using our Digitisation Solutions.
  • Do you need to provide shred services for remote workers? Whether your employees return to your offices or not, records (and copies of records) they create or receive need to be securely disposed of, not put in the trash or a home recycle bin. Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding options are designed to meet your secure destruction requirements.
  • Is there legacy electronic equipment that must be disposed of? Now, more than ever, it’s important to securely manage the end-of-life for IT assets as more devices are deployed to a remote workforce and office space needs are changing.
Enable a home-based workforce
  • Do you need to retrieve digital records in various media? If your media assets are in our facilities, we can digitise almost any format (video or audio tape, hard drive, film, flat artwork) and deliver them to your specifications, including to our private cloud storage.
  • Concerned about remote worker data protection? Protecting valuable data on corporate devices has become more challenging with a remote workforce. Our Iron Cloud® Data Management, can help protect your remote data and devices, while minimising costly downtime.