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As you navigate your way out of COVID, you’ll need a robust and comprehensive operational resilience plan that includes business continuity and emergency response, along with the ability to assess, disseminate and act more quickly as new challenges emerge. You’ll need to fill gaps in your policies as you transform to a more automated, digital way of working, including accelerated use of AI tools. We offer secure physical and digital storage, sophisticated machine learning software, automated workflow solutions and consulting services to position you to respond to future threats to your business.

  • Are you rethinking your data management strategy? Replicating data offsite for added resiliency, protection and recovery; driving costs down with deep storage options; and improving operational efficiency through vaults and cloud are all part of this strategy. We can help you formulate a data management strategy purposefully built for your unique business requirements.
  • Are your workflows working for you? With more work being done remotely, you may have experienced disruptions in business processes as a result of lack of access to paper records or employees no longer sitting side-by-side. By automating your workflows, you can establish a systematised flow of data and records, routing them through the proper employees and applications.
  • Do you need access to your onsite file room? We can physically relocate your file room to a secure Iron Mountain facility where your records are managed according to your filing system. Using Iron Mountain Records Management Portal, with just a few clicks you can search through your inventory, locate what’s required and arrange for records to be quickly scanned and delivered to you electronically. Once you’re back in the office, your physical files can be delivered by one of our trained employees.
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