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You keep your physical and electronic records for a good reason.  Contained within your records are the answers you need to drive your business forward.  In today’s complex and inter-connected world, your company is creating more information for you to manage.  Are you confident you can quickly find information when you need to?

Iron Mountain Records Management Portal is Iron Mountain’s online customer hub that helps you manage your information.  Use this tool to place orders, run activity reports and access your inventory data – anytime from anywhere.

Through our online hub, users can easily link to the features they need to manage their offsite records.

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Records Management Portal

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  • Digitally manage offsite records
  • Securely order pick-ups and deliveries
  • Run activity reports to manage and audit inventory
  • Control access to records


Learn more about the tools and resources by watching our overview and platform tour videos which illustrate how the Iron Mountain Records Management Portal can help you manage your information.
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