Offsite, secure, compliant records and document storage services


Offsite, secure, compliant records and document storage services
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What is a records management system?

A records management system (RMS) is the general process in which a company’s records are handled throughout its life cycle.

When a document with important information gets created, it’s imperative that this data is managed in the correct way to prevent information leaks or other loss of information. A proper document management system can easily solve potential security issues that may arise from the storage of an important record.

At Iron Mountain, your valuable documents are sent to and kept safe in our secure storage facilities. Our world-class archiving system can assure you that your organisation’s data will be closely guarded and kept safe. We work closely with you to minimise costs, improve access to business information and protect important documents, records and files.

Secure Storage - Offsite Records Storage at Iron Mountain

Here’s how it works:

Secure Storage - Offsite Record Storage - How it works in Iron Mountain Infographic

What are the benefits of using our records management system?

Whether your company stores information using paper documents, digital PDFs or other media formats, Iron Mountain can help you correctly manage your data storage.

Our services can:

Archive important files for your business

Iron Mountain allows you to keep your files in a secure location that can be easily retrievable when you need it.

Digitise documents for easy access

Iron Mountain offers digitisation services if you have important documents you consistently use. By digitising the document and uploading it to our secure cloud system, you can access a virtual copy of this data even after your original document is stored away.

Store information in compliance with government and industry regulations

Depending on the industry your business operates in, information must be stored in accordance to government regulations. Choosing to place your important documents with Iron Mountain not only protects your company from potential data leaks but also from additional fines that you may incur from improper storage.

Clear up your workspace

One of the biggest challenges to storing your documents on site is spatial inconvenience. If you have a large amount of physical papers with important information on them, your business usually has to dedicate a large amount of space in your building just for storage space. That room could be better used for other functions.

The physicality of your documents also comes with potential hazards. Flooding, fires and other sudden calamities can quickly wipe out physical information that has been improperly stored. Your important documents will stay safe with offsite storage.

How offsite document storage works

Storing your items doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

When you choose to store your documents with Iron Mountain, our end-to-end confidential records storage solutions mean you’ll have one trusted partner for all your archive needs. Iron Mountain can handle everything from transportation, document archiving and indexing.

Here’s an example of what a typical document storage process looks like:

  • You pack your archive boxes OR we can pack them for you.
  • Your cartons are picked up and stored in a secure Iron Mountain storage facility.
  • Schedule a fast retrieval of your cartons online.
  • Your selected cartons are delivered back to you.

Iron Mountain offers you the flexibility of choosing what kind of storage service you would like. Our tailored solutions can work with your business and include short or long-term storage of all file types.

Physical and cloud storage systems

The two most popular ways of storing information are either physical or via a cloud storage system, both of which Iron Mountain offers. Ideally, physical and online document storage systems work best in tandem with one another. However, to see how physical storage stacks up to cloud storage, consider the following points:

Physical storage can help preserve the original copy of an important document

While scanning a physical document and uploading it to the cloud can save space, only physical storage in a secure facility can preserve the original copy of the document.

Cloud storage works best as a backup

Cloud storage works wonders as a backup solution, but there are certain aspects to an original document that a copy cannot replicate.

Safeguard from potential server downtime

On the off chance that a cloud-hosting server goes down, you’ll be left without access to your important documents. Document scans also come with a very slight chance of data corruption. Physical documents are tangible and can be retrieved at any time.

Document retrieval

Document retrieval can be a simple process. Whenever you need to have your document in-hand, order online through Iron Mountain Records Management web portal. We can schedule a delivery from our offsite document storage facility straight to your location.


Determine if Iron Mountain’s document storage service is right for you by talking to one of our Customer Service representatives.
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Determine if Iron Mountain’s document storage service is right for you by talking to one of our Customer Service representatives.