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Iron Mountain’s Next Chapter

Dear Customers,

As many of you might have seen, our CEO Bill Meaney recently announced a new rebrand for Iron Mountain. I am excited about the new direction we’re taking globally and what it means for our great customers here in Australia and New Zealand.

The last year brought many challenges for Iron Mountain and our customers. Through those challenges, we overcame obstacles and have since opened new doors. These new doors presented Iron Mountain with time to accelerate our transformation and take our Australasian customers with us.

For the past 70 years, Iron Mountain has been a trusted partner to businesses needing to secure their sensitive and valuable assets and data. We started off securing physical files, art, media artifacts, records (Frank Sinatra anyone?), and financial services documents from banks around the world. We were storing data that companies – many operating in the most complex and highly regulated industries – consider essential.

As a customer-centric organisation, our customers have since helped us refine this journey. As a result, we have had less than a 2% customer turnover rate.

Today in Australia and New Zealand, Iron Mountain stores over 22 million cartons, 567 million files and 3.9 million media and tapes and has a strong presence across the region.

Iron Mountain, which has traditionally functioned as a lock for our customers, recognised that we now needed to offer customers a robust digital strategy as well.

We knew that amongst the vast information we stored on behalf of our customers existed insights that had never before been seen, unbeknownst to them. For this reason, we evolved to be the lock and the key unlocking the value of our customer’s data. As part of this evolution, Iron Mountain is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide access to customer data value never before available.

The opportunities to unlock more excellent value for Australian and New Zealand customers include:

  • Content Service Platform (CSP): Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities that bring physical and digital content together to help solve customer challenges
  • Secure Offline Storage: Storing inactive data offline and offsite in a climate-controlled vault that is air-gapped for added security
  • Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD): Building on our strong heritage around data security and chain of custody, we handle the process of disposing of surplus new and used equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner
  • Small & Medium Businesses: Assisting small and medium business with robust information management programs that fit their unique needs at scale, putting customers in control of their information

We’ve listened to our customers. In a COVID environment, everything organisations thought about digital transformation changed. It accelerated years beyond what anyone predicted, and organisations landed in hybrid-working situations which have carried over to what we now call the new normal.

The digital transformation journey has become more of a focus for us. However, in tandem with our customers, we worked hard to develop new ways to meet this new hybrid world’s demands and our customers’ demands.

We will continue to do what our customers need us to do. We will continue to be the partner you rely on to secure physical and digital documents, and we’ll be there on the next step of your digital journey.

We’re genuinely looking forward to what our new vision brings to unlock the value of data.

Best wishes,
Greg Lever
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Iron Mountain APAC