We offer comprehensive automated data and document management solutions tailored to overcome the specific challenges of business, industry and public sector clients. We help clients achieve document transfer within their organisation or business efficient, and help increase productivity and file security as suppose to relying on paper documents. With paper documents inconsistencies can occur within your organisation with Iron Mountain's document solutions creating digital versions of your document can save you office storage space. An electronic document can provide security for your business, with file retrieval becoming less time consuming.

  • Healthcare

    Bring health information management back under your control. With experience in providing solutions to NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations.

  • Business Process Management

    Faster, accurate, efficient and secure invoice and account processing, giving you control of your information and helping you comply with industry and EU regulations.

  • Energy

    Iron Mountain, with more than three decades of experience in the oil and gas sector, are uniquely qualified to provide information management services to energy companies and government bodies.

  • Entertainment Industry

    Media management and archiving for film studios, recording labels, television production companies and advertising agencies.

  • Financial

    Comprehensive information management solutions for the financial sector that make data accessible, compliance achievable and security a priority.

  • Legal Departments

    We are qualified to help you address the unique challenges of legal information management, storage, protection and recovery.

  • Public Sector

    From record creation, retention and ultimately secure destruction, we design and deliver solutions to fit the needs of your public sector organisation.

  • Retail

    We understand the challenges of protecting and managing information for retail organisations, from employee records to customer credit card numbers and much more.

  • Small & Medium Enterprises

    We enable small and medium businesses to store, access and secure business-critical information efficiently and effectively.