We help more than 85% of the FTSE 100 companies safeguard their investments, mitigate risk and maintain control over key software and intellectual property assets.

A technology escrow agreement works much the same way as an insurance policy. When two parties enter into a licensor/licensee relationship, the source code for the technology in question is deposited in an escrow account that ensures:

  • Licensors have a trusted partner who will securely hold onto the source code and release it only under very specific and controlled conditions
  • Licensees may gain access to the source code for mission-critical software and other technologies, should the licensor/developer no longer support it

We invented technology escrow in 1982 to help companies protect software source code, object code, data and other valuable technology assets. Today, we are the worlds leading provider of intellectual property management and, as such, your organisation can benefit from:

  • A single point-of-contact for all your escrow needs
  • Escrow verification services to ensure that what youre paying to escrow is what you actually need.
  • Solutions that protect developers, licensees, SaaS providers and subscribers alike
  • Comprehensive services tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements
  • Consulting services to assist you at every stage of the escrow process, safeguard your interests and help you maintain control
  • User-friendly service features including electronic depositing and deposit verification
  • An online tool for easy access and real-time management of all your escrow accounts

We also offer consulting services to help our clients with the planning and implementation of technology escrow solutions and best practices.