Digitise your Documents to Streamline your Business

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Keep your Business Moving, Keep your Information Safe

Find it fast • Share it securely • Increase agility

Boost efficiency, productivity and information security with document digitisation

When people struggle to find the documents they need to do their jobs, it can be hard for them to work efficiently and effectively, whatever their role — HR, accounting, marketing or customer service. If your teams are spread across different offices or countries, or you have mobile or home-based workers, sharing paper-based information easily can be a real challenge. Moving it around physically can put it at risk of loss or theft — and takes time. And if you work with large volumes of documents like claims, invoices, application forms or contracts, the issues of access, storage and management can become particularly acute.

Iron Mountain can help you move to digital working. Your stored information will become more accessible, helping your workforce be more productive and creating a more agile organisation. Our IM Capture service is designed to give you rapid, convenient access to the benefits of scanning: you choose from a range of options designed to meet the majority of scanning needs, and we take care of the rest. And because you’re working with Iron Mountain, you can trust us to keep your information secure and to deliver high-quality output.

The number of companies that say it’s harder to find information they own than information they don’t.

Source: The Association for Information and Image Management

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Benefit from a centralised information store

IM Capture provides you with scanned images of your documents complete with indexing information, so it’s straightforward to import them into your back office and front office systems. Your authorised users will be able to find and access digitised documents quickly — whenever they need them, wherever they are, confident that the information is complete.

With everything they need at their fingertips, your people will get more done in less time — whether that’s responding to customer enquiries, analysing expenditure, or cross-checking contracts. And if you’re scanning for archiving purposes — for example, to meet your industry’s information retention requirements — you’ll know everything will be there whenever you need to refer to it.

“Less time spent searching, more time spent working”

The amount of time knowledge workers can spend searching for information.

Source: IDC

Convenient Set-Up, Rapid Results

What's included in IM Capture

IM Capture is fast to set up and quick to deliver — without compromising on quality, security or compliance. You can use the service to scan single- or double-sided pages in good condition, between A0 and A6. You can provide your documents to us packaged in a variety of ways, including stapled together, or in binders, boxes or wallets, and you can mix different page sizes together.

We’ll agree the index structure with you for your files and documents, the output format, and whether you want the digitised files delivered by secure FTP or on encrypted DVDs/HDD/USB drives. You only have to make these choices once, and they can be applied to your subsequent IM Capture projects.

“Fast, convenient access to the benefits of scanning”

Security and Compliance

Our processes protect your information

Security and compliance are second nature at Iron Mountain. We’ll protect your documents and scanned images every step of the way. Your documents will be tracked from the point of receipt through to output and return to you, using unique barcodes that enable us to maintain a chain of custody. All data is auditable, enabling us to monitor and maintain data integrity and service levels.

Our staff are security-vetted and rigorously trained. Our scanning centres are protected by security measures including intrusion detection alarms, internal and external CCTV, and fire detection and suppression systems.

“Rest assured your information is secure”

The number of businesses concerned that storing paper documents takes up too much space.

Source: Coleman Parkes Research

Let us Manage the Information Lifecycle

End-to-end support from Iron Mountain

Being information management specialists, our services extend beyond scanning to take care of the whole information lifecycle. So you can add other Iron Mountain services to IM Capture to meet specific needs. For example, you can use our secure transport service to collect and deliver very sensitive documents; or our bespoke scanning service for fragile and over- or undersized documents.

We can host your scanned documents in our secure online repository so that your authorised users can access them via a portal. And once scanning is complete, you can ask us to return the originals to you; store them for you with our Records Management service; or destroy them with our Secure Information Destruction service.

“Meeting all your information management needs”

The number of companies where the consumption of paper and the number of photocopies is staying the same or increasing.

Source: The Association for Information and Image Management

Why Choose Iron Mountain? Look at Our Record.

“We believe that in scanning the deep archive alone, Iron Mountain has saved us four or five years of work. The system we now have is logical and easy to use, meaning that our Regulatory Officers save time in accessing documents and do not waste more resource retrieving documents that may have been misplaced.”

— Claire Armstrong-Brealey, UK System Administrator and Archive Project Lead, Mylan

“We had already had very good past experience with Iron Mountain in the area of paper archiving. We were convinced that the company could supply all the services associated with archiving, scanning, transporting files and data exchange from one source.”

— Thomas Hübner, Head of Applications Management, Swiss Life

Iron Mountain has been the trusted partner of companies large and small for over 60 years (our first customer joined us in 1951 and they’re still with us today). Over 80% of FTSE 100 companies and more than 140,000 organisations in 39 countries choose Iron Mountain to manage their records.

We are trusted to store many unique records and documents including the wills of Princess Diana, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, the 1959 patent of the Red Delicious apple, and the original recordings of Frank Sinatra.