Building the Bridge

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Easy, timely access to your records regardless of whether they are in physical or digital format

We’re Building The Bridge To Better Document Management

Increasingly, your staff and customers want to work with electronic records. Orders, contracts for execution, requests for information, invoices – so much of the inbound and outbound correspondence to your business is now electronic. This transition from physical to digital can be a real challenge when dealing with historical paper records. Streamlining your organisation’s approach to managing information is a key priority for many businesses. Increasingly, it is becoming apparent that one solution doesn’t always fit every situation, with legacy systems needing to be accommodated and maintained for years, or perhaps even decades, into the future.

This is where Iron Mountain can help. With a range of services managing both physical and digital records, Iron Mountain can “Build the Bridge“, and create a costeffective, streamlined system that can add significant value to the way your organisation manages its information, ensuring that it is simple, efficient and affordable.

Addressing An Operational Need

Many organisations are now choosing to maintain their records in digital formats as their customers increasingly interact with them online or through mobile devices. Data capture is now far more efficient thanks to these channels but it raises concerns about how this electronic information should be stored and paired with older paper records.

Often, digitising all of those older paper records is the first solution that comes to mind. Why continue to keep physical material when, moving forward, all documents will be managed digitally? The truth is that digitising all your organisations’ paper records can be a cumbersome and expensive process, especially if your regulatory obligations do not require this.

Iron Mountain can provide your organisation with a simplified and smooth running system to manage physical and electronic records in parallel. Rather than making trade-offs between your organisation’s need to establish a user-friendly DMS and the costs associated with total digitisation of all your records, you can proceed with day forward records in a digital format.

Iron Mountain can store all of your paper records, and convert selected records into the correct format for upload to your DMS / ERP system as required. With a fully integrated physical and digital service offering, Iron Mountain Builds the Bridge between a legacy world of paper based information, and the desired digital future.

A Best-In-Class Solution

With an emphasis on linking your legacy information management environment with digital record keeping now and into the future, this best-in-class solution from Iron Mountain establishes a productive and cost-effective way to manage your business information. With a bespoke service model, tailored to your organisation’s unique business needs, Iron Mountain enables you to focus on your core business, while we deliver the necessary information to your knowledge workers, in the required format. From our high-security facilities in eight locations across the country, Iron Mountain can provide you with an integrated physical and digital information management solution to ensure you have access to the right information, when you need it.

Day Forward Records

We recommend starting with your day forward records. With our digital mailroom solutions, we can ensure all inbound records to your organisation are digitised. By intercepting paper at the mailroom, and converting to electronic format, your organisation will start realising the benefits of a streamlined and efficient record management system.

Legacy Paper

You may have some records that you need constant access to. Whether they be customer files, or current working files, it may be worth digitising in bulk to remove the dependency on accessing paper. By using the same protocols as your Day Forward programme, the transition to digital workflows will be seamless.

For records that are not frequently accessed, you may find off-site storage coupled with Image-On-Demand is the better model. To access this service, it is as simple as requesting “Image On Demand” from Iron Mountain’s web portal, IM Connect, and the document will be retrieved, scanned and transmitted to you for upload to your document management system.

A Secure And Reliable Solution

Trusting us with your organisation’s documents and records is a responsibility that we take seriously. As such, we ensure that at every stage in the DMS workflow, your information is kept securely and safely.

All Iron Mountain facilities maintain the highest security standards and, along with our IT systems, are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. Facilities are secured against intrusion and use robust procedures for visitor and employee identification, meaning that unauthorised access is never a problem.

Additionally, your information is safe even when in transit with all records moving to and from Iron Mountain sites transported in either company-owned vehicles or by approved sub-contracted providers. All vehicles used for document transported are dedicated vehicles, solely used for transporting Iron Mountain records and all courier vehicles are protected by anti theft devices including alarms.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistently secure environment for all your documents and records. With Iron Mountain, your organisation can be confident that your records will be secure through their life cycle.

A Future-Proof Approach To Document Management

Implementing an Iron Mountain Building the Bridge solution in your organisation will improve the way your knowledge workers access information, reducing your operating costs in addition to the time taken to access critical information.