Bringing Efficiency to Business Processes

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Efficiency • Control • Accuracy • Compliance • Relationships

Are Your Business Processes 100% Efficient?

If they still rely on time-consuming paperwork, the answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Old-fashioned business processes present huge hidden costs and are prone to errors, losses, exception issues and a lack of control.

At Iron Mountain, we believe your paper-based processes represent a huge opportunity to enhance business efficiency while increasing visibility and control. We offer accurate, efficient and secure information capture and processing, giving you complete control of your information and helping you to comply with industry and local regulations. Our services will add value to your business whether you have already invested in an in-house information management system or are exploring new ways to increase efficiency across your business.

Receive Records

Multichannel receipt of both paper and digital records

  • PO Box
  • Post and fax
  • Email

Extract Information

  • Scanning
  • Optical character recognition and manual coding
  • Multilingual data extraction
  • High data accuracy

Validate Information

  • Check for document completeness
  • Identify duplicate documents
  • Validate fields

Business Process Management Services: The Benefits

In an increasingly complex world, businesses and government departments need to continually cut cost and drive efficiencies. They must maintain high quality standards in order to meet increasing compliance pressures and thrive in a competitive global market. Here’s how Iron Mountain helps.


  • Improving the speed of invoice processing can help you take advantage of early payment discounts; better transparency avoids double payments.
  • Increased transparency and faster new account processing can help you manage the flow of new applicants.
  • We can help you prioritise urgent invoices or high-value applicants and proactively manage exceptions.
  • Time savings allow your staff to focus on higher value activity.
  • We help reduce the total cost of the process end-to-end, including equipment needs and resources required.

Our Services

We help you focus on your core business by taking the hassle out of paper-based processes.

Iron Mountain Invoice Processing

We can transform your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes by removing time-consuming administration while improving visibility and control.

Faster processing allows you to take advantage of early-payment discounts while better transparency avoids double-payments. We can help you prioritise and proactively manage timeconsuming exceptions by highlighting omissions to ease the communication with the supplier

The time savings free up your staff for higher value activities. Whether you want to take advantage of discounts, maximise liquidity or reduce the risk of bad debt, we can help improve your cash flow visibility.

Iron Mountain Customer Account Processing

We give you peace of mind that your valuable customer data is being handled to leading security standards and with greater accuracy. Improved visibility and control help you regulate the flow of customer applications, proactively manage service failures and help you exceed customer expectations. We offer practical advice on solving your information and legal compliance challenges so that you can concentrate on the customer experience.

Support Business Decision

  • Process according to your agreed business rules
  • Identify exceptions


  • Send metadata and image files for processing

Report & Evaluate

Performance reports
  • Business effectiveness
  • Process quality


  • Secure storage and protection for both physical and digital records
  • Indexed for fast access
  • Secure destruction


  • Robust processes ensure you have greater control of your accounts processes, while increased automation can reduce processing errors and improve data accuracy.
  • A standardised approach across multiple countries and legal entities improves visibility (eg. of your operating costs) and enables you to make more informed business decisions.
  • Regular business reporting allows you to identify bottlenecks and make continual improvements.
  • Rapid retrieval of your business records increases efficiency and security. Digital records can be quickly accessed on-line, and we can provide you with fast and reliable access to your original paper records when you need them.


  • All documents are traceable under a robust chain of custody.
  • We protect your customer data with our stringent security standards.


  • Our services can save you time, enabling you to concentrate more on customer and supplier relationships. Our processes may allow you to pay invoices quicker, activate new accounts faster and provide you with easier access to accurate data for solving queries.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our customers range from small legal practices, local businesses, health authorities and government departments to the world’s largest banks and major airlines.
Whatever your size or sector, we can deliver improved efficiency for your business.

Why Iron Mountain?

Comprehensive service, seamlessly integrated
We deliver ‘end-to-end’ processing with experience across the business process management chain. This enables us to provide comprehensive and integrated services including mail handling and data extraction, business rule application and safe storage.
Digital records can be quickly accessed online, and we can provide you with fast and reliable access to your original paper records when you need them.

With highly secure facilities, vetted teams and a robust chain of custody, our standards mean your information – and your customers’ information – is always in safe hands.

Global network, local service
We are a global company that feels local. Our investment in a network of processing centres across Australia ensures that our quality standards are applied locally, with representatives in your area to assist in the smooth running of your business.
If your business is expanding globally we can support you on every continent. Iron Mountain has more than 1000 facilities in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America and Australasia.

Trusted brand
With over 58 years of expertise and demonstrable financial stability, Iron Mountain provides records management solutions to over 85% of the FTSE 100.

Flexible approach
Our team of experts will work with you. We can adapt our services to work with your internal systems and keep pace with your changing needs.

Find Out More

We will come to your business premises to find out about your needs and advise on how we might help. To get started, please visit: or call us on 1800 476 668