Records Center

Iron Mountain provides a full range of records storage and management services to organisations of all types and sizes.


For over 55 years Iron Mountain has helped organisations large and small to solve evolving information management challenges, reducing costs and risks, delivering peace of mind.

We understand the value of your information, as well as the challenges you face managing it. Our 20,000 employees serve customers in more than 39 countries across five continents. We service over 120,000 organisations ranging form global industry leaders to local businesses, treating every client's information as if it were our own. Our portfolio of services is the largest in our industry, services that are designed to implement your policies and function as a seamless extension of your organisation.

The physical design of our facilities, along with the most comprehensive security programs, inventory control and integrity systems in the industry, serves to protect the information you entrust with us. Our records management services provide a highly secure, consistent solution for storing and protecting all types of business records. We also enable you to maintain compliance with today's stringent privacy and legal regulations. Our inventory systems and In Control, our secure transportation platform, create a secure auditable chain of custody for every record under our care. This is part of our unique triple-check process that ensures the integrity of your order and accuracy of your inventory.

Let's go inside Iron Mountain to see how this is done. Every local records center is backed by leading technology and the best support staff in the industry. When you have records that are ready for storage, you can let us know using our secure web portal, Iron Mountain Connect. Or, if you prefer, you can contact our customer response center directly by phone or FAX.

Iron Mountain Connect provides a platform for a consistent records management program, enabling you to become compliant. Use Iron Mountain Connect to easily add descriptive data for each record to simplify access in the future. For added benefit, built-in retention capabilities help you manage the retention and disposition of your records. Once you identify the records to send, you will need to apply a unique bar code label to each carton. This allows each and every carton under our care to be tracked by our inventory control system. A work order is printed at the nearest records center and a vehicle is dispatched for pick-up at your location. Every time a carton changes hands it is scanned, starting when the records leave your site.

From this point forward, we will track the records using In Control. Once the driver has validated the pick-up count and unique carton bar codes, you will be asked to acknowledge the service completion by signing the In Control hand-held scanner. This electronic signature becomes part of a verifiable audit trail that is transmitted in real time to Iron Mountain using wireless technology. Your records are then transported in our own fleet of secure vehicles. For additional peace of mind, the In Control transportation platform includes innovative patent-pending vehicle locks and alarm systems.

Upon arrival at an Iron Mountain records center, your cartons are scanned a second time. We once again validate the count of items and unique carton bar codes scanned at your original location against the count of items received at Iron Mountain's records center to ensure the accuracy of the order and preserve the chain of custody. We validate that all new items are received with descriptive information. Whether that information is keyed by us or keyed by you within Iron Mountain Connect, it's another example of the checks and balances we use to ensure quality inventory control.

Next, records are assigned a location and Iron Mountain Records Center personnel scan both the carton and the shelf to verify the correct placement. This completes Iron Mountain's unique triple-check process, ensuring the integrity of your order and the inventory you entrust with us arrived safely. Any discrepancies will be resolved prior to order completion. Our passion for strict inventory control assures that your records are accurately located and available for easy retrieval. The retrieval process, like the storage process, begins with your needs. Your authorised personnel can initiate a request using Iron Mountain Connect, by phone or FAX.

Iron Mountain Connect has powerful search features. Search results are intelligently ranked based on your retrieval patterns, making it easy for you to find the boxes or files you need. Or, if you prefer, you can contact one of our Customer Response Centers, where we handle up to 2 million calls per year. We are constantly monitoring our responsiveness to maintain service that is among the best in the world.

When we receive your request, we create what we call an Out Card for each carton. Every outgoing carton receives a new bar code label taken from the Out Card. Before leaving the facility, the new bar code and the original are both scanned into our system. By comparing the Out card and the carton, we can verify that we have pulled the correct item. For additional security and protection, every carton is double-banded to ensure that the carton has not been disturbed while in transit.

Individual files can also be tracked with our system. Each file is labeled with a unique bar code from the Out Card. The Out Card is then used as a place holder to mark the exact location for re-filing when the file is returned. Again, the bar code is scanned into our system for verification. Individual files are put into opaque protective envelopes for delivery, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

During this step, we scan each file into its protective package. Our In Control process begins as the records are scanned. Records are scanned again as they are loaded onto an Iron Mountain vehicle. In Control systematically validates items as they are scanned at vehicles to prevent delivery errors. In Control also prevents vehicles from leaving the facility until all ordered items have been accounted for. Your records are returned to you in secure Iron Mountain vehicles.

When the records are delivered to your site, they are scanned for the third time to immediately update our inventory system. During this step, In Control validates and ensures each item is delivered to the correct location and that each location receives its complete set of retrieved records. An electronic signature is captured, providing documented proof of the transfer of custody.

Entering your order using Iron Mountain Connect will ensure you receive an automated email verifying the completion of the transaction. It's all designed to improve chain of custody and keep an audit trail. The staff at your local records center is committed to providing the most accurate and complete service available anywhere, and our resources extend far beyond the records center. Iron Mountain service desks provide priority technical support for customers, as well as assistance to Iron Mountain facilities. These centers are redundantly backed up and have comprehensive disaster recovery plans.

One of our unique data centers includes our underground Data Bunker 220. With 220 feet of rock overhead and sophisticated power backup and fire suppression systems, this location is the perfect foundation for our mission-critical IT infrastructure. In the Network Operations Center, technicians monitor network integrity and processes around the clock to ensure uninterrupted service. Issues are often resolved here before they ever affect our customers.

Security is a way of life at Iron Mountain. Our chief security officer oversees a full-time safety and security staff whose only job is to protect the assets of Iron Mountain and our customers by continually studying and improving the effectiveness of security programs throughout the company. Our comprehensive security measures cover employee and visitor policies, the physical security of our buildings, fire prevention and detection, transportation and computer security. Access to facilities is limited and guarded by perimeter access control and break-in detection systems. Our employees must wear security badges and visitors are escorted at all times. Our employees also undergo background checks and drug screening before being hired, and many must meet job-specific requirements, such as motor vehicle records checks.

Our facilities are equipped with advanced fire detection and suppression systems that exceed local fire codes in most areas, and our in-rack sprinkler systems are in the forefront of design for records storage facilities. Even the shelving assemblies are integrated into the design of the buildings to create virtually failure-proof structures. We are just as serious about protecting electronic data. Your inventory data is stored at fully redundant data centers. In fact, no company in our industry has higher security standards or invests more in their facilities. For you, the end result is peace of mind.

We're passionate about inventory control and the safety of your records. We have built these principles into our daily operations in order to provide the most reliable, dependable service. When you trust Iron Mountain with your records, you know they will be safe, secure and available when you need them. Iron Mountain, solving the evolving information management challenges.