Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures worked closely with Iron Mountain to secure and centralize its archive of historic cinematic materials and media.

Video Transcription

For 100 years, Paramount Pictures has redefined what it means to tell a compelling human story. It is made some of the world's most beloved films, it has launched some of the most famous careers, it has helped shape American culture. And while it has entertained the world, Paramount has also accumulated one of the richest stores of popular culture in the world.

"My job is to oversee the history of Paramount Pictures. Iron Mountain Film and Sound helps us store our film and video asset. We store some material here in our own vault on the Paramount lot and the other film and tape assets are stored at Iron Mountain's various facilities. For many years it was important to actually place a lot of film and video tape assets in the countries where they would be used. Now we've moved onto almost close to a tapeless distribution workflow so having those materials and all those different places was more of a hindrance to our operation than a help.

Iron Mountain was a great choice when we worked on what we call our triage effort; a consolidation effort to bring materials from all over the world. They have the resources to find the right warehouse and space to do it, the right kinds of tools and technology, they can get the staff, and they have the expertise and knowledge to actually pull something of that magnitude off.

From shipping millions of assets all over the world to processing them through and delivering them to their vaults. With their help, we can identify those things that we no longer needed, which is as important as the things you keep, so that you can really focus on the best things to manage.

We went from a total of 26 storage locations down to 3 through that triage project, which was an incredible amount of logistics to handle, and Iron Mountain handled all of that."

- Andrea Kalas, Vice President of Archives, Paramount Pictures