Offsite Tape Vaulting

For many businesses, offsite tape storage continues to be a practical and economical solution for backup as well as archiving. Trust Iron Mountain for a full range of Offsite Tape Vaulting services that meet your needs for security, control, recovery—and value.


Recognising that offsite tape storage is a critical part of your data protection plan, Iron Mountain operates over 90 facilities, which are strategically located near every major disaster recovery hot sight.

In fact our entire offsite tape vaulting service is designed with one thing in mind - minimising risk to the information you entrust with us.

Iron Mountains InControl solution, our secure transportation platform safeguards your data while in transit with patented security and real time tracking and an audible chain of custody.

Every time your tapes change hands or change location they are scanned creating a verifiable audit trail. Custom designed, lockable storage containers protect your tapes from damage or contamination during transport and in storage.

Our drivers have been rigorously screened and have completed thorough background checks. Vehicles and containers remain locked at all times during transport.

Our vehicles are equipped with patented security features including innovative vehicle locks and alarm systems to ensure that your tapes arrive safely at our facilities.

Iron Mountain media vaults provide the highest level of security and protection for your backup tapes. Rigorous security measures are employed throughout the facility.

Fire suppression systems, climate control and onsite backup power generators are all in place to ensure that your information is protected and accessible at all times.

When the containers arrive at the Iron Mountain media vault they are scanned again to verify that all items have safely arrived. Our inventory control system assigns a storage location for each item.

With our secure synch management system you always have complete secure control over your tapes from any desktop or laptop with Internet access.

Tapes are automatically returned to you according to the rotation schedules that you have established. As they are loaded into the vehicles the containers are scanned again to confirm that the correct items are leaving the vault. We do another scan when the containers are delivered. Our customer authorisation feature requires that you enter your numeric pin code before we can complete the scan and deliver the media to you.

All of our data protection and recovery services are designed to save you time while reducing your exposure to risk and should disaster strike you can be confident that we will be there to get your business back up and running quickly.

Iron Mountain - solving evolving information management challenges.