Total Offsite Records Solution for Law Firms

Iron Mountain Total Offsite Records Solution gives law firms the option to move the right mix of their records operations — active files, scanning and staffing — offsite, for operational cost reduction and efficient client services from mobile lawyers.


What we see in the law firm market today is that the firms are really still concentrating on lowering their operational costs and if we work with firms to look precisely into their strategy around records operations we learn that large firms that have offices across the united states, they can spend as much as a million dollars per year in real estate just for files.

Central file areas, disperse file rooms and for goodness sakes some of the files have better views than their associates.

The other area of course where law firms are looking at if they really want to cut costs is personal costs, compensation.

We’re finding that law firms are paying north of two million dollars a year for records management staff. If you start to look at compounding the real estate you’re paying for records and the dollars you’re paying your record staff, this is really coming to a head where law firms are looking at it and saying Wow! over a five year period that’s a significant amount of money.

Iron mountains total offsite record solution is all about letting firms get an operational edge and what it does is it lets firms move their active on-site documents to a secure, offsite Iron Mountain facility and in some cases, also a subset of their staff so they can actually be part of that offsite work flow and we developed a tailored solution to figure out not just which things should go offsite but what are the specific processes and SLA’s and workflows by a practice area that should be accounted for. You can take that great expertise that you have today onsite and get that expertise to this offsite solution.

Lawyers really want access to information from wherever they are. Weather they’re at a clients location, at an airport or a train station these folks are 24 by 7 mobile lawyers and they want rapid access to their information.

So we see that law firms are starting to really get their minds around ‘How do we scan?’ ‘How do we go digital smart?’ we’re talking about choosing the right documents and finding that the image at the end is put where the lawyers can find it.

Iron Mountains total offsite record solution is all about going digital smart which is a combination of things like image on demand and then smart proactive imaging for the new documents that get created and sent offsite.

So as part of the solution we are very pleased to announce a partnership with DocSolid a leading provider of image capture technology for law firms.

Lets say an attorney in London needs to look at it quickly as does the attorney in New York or Los Angeles; they can pull that paper and image it right there offsite and get it up there into the repository so that all the lawyers can look at it at the same time, real time, and collaborate on it.

Some of the firms that we’re working with have asked us to develop a proactive digitisation strategy for the go for paper documents so the paper is received through the offices, gets routed to the centralised offsite facility and proactively imaged. That information gets delivered back into their document management system, that provides great timely access to the mobile attorney so they can get to that information when they need it.

The second thing this does is it ensures that these important client documents are governed by the firms information governance policy and in this process the paper is also managed within a secure Iron Mountain facility so firms can rest assured that at all times this information is protected, secured and controlled.

Iron Mountains total offsite records solution is a customisable program. I can get timely and fingertip access when I need it and where I need it and in that process, clear up and free up that important real estate for other time keepers and better purposes.