Removing Paper from Your Process Going Paper Light

Learn how companies like yours are making the journey to a paper light future, with a focus on security, access and harnessing the value of information.


Whatever happened to the paperless office?

Well, in most cases this happened: Instead of the digital revolution reducing paper, our hunger for information made the piles grow Feel familiar?

At Iron Mountain we know the paperless office still eludes us. Instead we believe in the paper light office Turning this… into this.

Enabling businesses like yours to make the information you hold more useful

The key to becoming paper light lies in:

  • Secure off-site storage
  • Document imaging and archiving
  • Fast authorised access
  • And analysing your information for better decision making
  • So whether you need more space
  • Streamlined processes

Or to gain greater business value from your information

We welcome you to a new documentality with our Workflow Digitiser Solution