Become a Space Maker Free Up Space with Offsite Storage

With changes such as a dramatic increase in the mobile workforce and high real estate costs, companies today are focused on reducing the space allocated per employee while expecting greater productivity. And your productivity problem grows exponentially if you are filling up your shrinking space with paper. Do you want your employees to be suffocated by the information surrounding them? Or would you rather get rid of the unnecessary clutter so that employees have more space to do their jobs? You want your space to make you money, not cost you money. Learn how Iron Mountain can help you become a Space Maker by developing a secure, flexible offsite storage program that can scale to your fluctuating needs.


Meet Sarah. She's responsible for records and information management across her company and she's got a lot on her mind. Sometimes she just feels overwhelmed by the lack of usable office space around her. Getting new office space isn't going to happen. She needs to figure out how to get more out of what she already has.

What Sarah overlooks are the hordes of filing cabinets eating up her expensive real estate. She wants to free up valuable space but just doesn't know where to begin. Does that sound like you? You already know your office space is expensive but just how much is shocking. A typical filing cabinet takes up nine square feet and costs $1,500 a year.

What you may be overlooking is that there's more to the problem. Not only is your office space expensive, it's also shrinking. Companies today are focused on reducing the space allocated per employee while expecting greater productivity, so your productivity problem has grown exponentially if you're filling up your shrinking space with paper. In any case, your office is not the ideal space to store your business records for security reasons.

Imagine the possibilities of reclaiming that space for more effective space. You could build an on-site child care facility, an employee rec room, or even regular office space. With Iron Mountain, Sarah became a space-maker and put that space to better use. She handed off her records and created space with the secure, flexible off-site storage program that can scale to fit her fluctuating needs.

Now she has the ability to describe and tag the content of her records and easily access it via a web interface when needed or have her records physically delivered to her if she needs. Would you like to make this story come to life for your organisation? Let's work together to make you a space-maker today.