Become a Program Accelerator Create a Consistent and Defensible Program

Are you confident in your organisation’s ability to face regulatory or legal scrutiny? Do you have a solid records management policy and retention schedule in place? Even more importantly, is your program consistently adopted across your organisation? Learn how Iron Mountain can help you become a Program Accelerator by creating a defensible records and information management program and gaining consistency. With Iron Mountain, you’ll be able to audit your inventory program, have system driven controls around your metadata field population, and implement key performance metrics to get greater insight and control over your program and consistency across your company.


Meet Pat. He's responsible for records and information management across his company and he's got a lot on his mind. He needs help making sure he has a consistent and defensible records management program in place, but he's not fully confident in his organisation's ability to face regulatory or legal scrutiny. His records management program doesn't have broad business sponsorship and it's sometimes difficult to monitor and measure behaviour across the organisation to determine the quality of the program.

Does that sound like you? Having policy and basic training isn't enough because the legal reality is that having no policy is better than inconsistent policy application. Inconsistent application of policy has resulted in fines to the tune of $5.75 million dollars.

When you think about it, the biggest challenge you're facing isn't policy or process, but people. You need to connect people to the right behaviours and this calls for change management. Your people are frustrated when they waste time searching for information and this frustration is only magnified for their customers, internal or external. Slow or incomplete responses to critical requests as a result of bad records classification puts jobs in jeopardy.

What if you had access to a team of experts who could help you set a solid foundation to ensure that records management becomes part of your organisation's DNA. What if you had a strategy for consistent adoption across your enterprise and a roadmap for bringing this to life? With Iron Mountain Pat became a Program Accelerator by creating a defensible RIM program and gaining consistency. His Iron Mountain team helped him build a defensible RIM program by creating credible policies, procedures, tools, and a retention schedule.

Once he had a foundation in place, Pat designed an audit program covering policy, people and process, and physical and systems infrastructure. He then partnered with Iron Mountain to audit his inventory program and helped implement key performance metrics to give him greater insight and control over the program and consistency across his company.

Would you like to make this story come to life for your organisation? Let's work together to make your organisation a Program accelerator today.