6 Ways to Get More Value from Your RIM Program

Iron Mountain heard from nearly 700 records and information management leaders from Compliance and Legal, IT, Finance, Procurement and Facilities who identified 6 areas where you can create greater business value from records and information management. Learn how Iron Mountain can help you accelerate the adoption and achievement of your records and information management (RIM) goals no matter what state you are in in your development of a credible information management program.


Leaders like you tell us they're under significant pressure to manage information to make good business decisions and comply with industry regulations. Nearly 700 RIM leaders from compliance and legal, IT, finance, procurement, and facilities identified 6 areas where you can create greater business value from records and information management.

Where were you reflected?

Some focus on freeing up valuable onsite space. Your space should make you money, not cost you money. The best way to do this is by securely sending records offsite. These are the spacemakers.

Others already store records offsite, but need help in developing a foundational, defensible, optimized RIM program. Their end goal: 1 connected program, implemented consistently company wide, tracked with key metrics and benchmarked with peers. These are the program accelerators.

Many want to manage fewer vendors by having a single provider who can manage their entire information life cycle. When they go from many vendors to few or 1, they go from managing vendors to managing their business. These are the vendor consolidators.

Many others want to reduce their legacy storage to reduce their storage and discovery costs. In 71% of cases, 30% of your records are eligible for destruction, but finding these records and destroying them defensively is difficult. These are the records reducers.

Other leaders want to link paper and electronic records. They desire faster access to the answers stored in their information and greater control. Having one policy and one place to access their information, is crucial. These are the unifiers.

Finally, the largest group removes paper from key workflows. They digitize where it makes sense, making information available to users who need it quickly. Streamlining manual processes saves time and improves productivity. These are the digitizers.

Your opportunity to create value for your business grows as you address these records and information management challenges. To take advantage, you need a road map that takes you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. And when you solve the challenges associated with each of these states, you can drive policy to adoption, provide information to people, and be consistent.

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