Become a Digitiser Paperless Workflow - Just a Click Away

Learn how David became a Digitiser by converting hardcopy documents to digital format so he could help his fellow business leaders find what was needed – fast.


Meet David. He's responsible for records and information management across his company and he’s got a lot on his mind.

David's always on the hunt for ways to give other leaders in his company faster access to the information they need to make better business decisions, and he knows he can provide value when he works with them to identify workflows that are still based in paper. He needs a way to help them remove the paper from these workflows. Does that sound like you? You're not alone.

Employees continue to rely on paper for a number of reasons, but the central reason is that change is difficult. They don't want to "give up" the paper. Other employees may have concerns that automation may dramatically change or eliminate their jobs altogether, but the reality is that knowledge workers spend more than 8 hours per week searching for information. That's more than 20 percent of the traditional work week, and organisations employing 1,000 knowledge workers lose nearly $6 million annually in time wasted when employees reformat information as they move between applications.

Clearly paper intensive, manual processes are holding your organisation back, and you might think everything must be scanned in order to “go digital” which means the cost often outweighs potential productivity gains. But scanning to force fit data into an existing process, removes the paper but does not fix an inefficient process.

What if you could increase efficiency and improve productivity by making information available when needed? You know you need to reduce wasted time and errors by streamlining paper-intensive manual processes. The real solution is to not scan everything, but to know what to scan.

By converting documents from physical to digital, you optimise business applications and better leverage your technology investments. With Iron Mountain, David became a Digitiser, so he could help his fellow business leaders find what was needed fast by converting hardcopy documents to digital format, accurately indexing and classifying them and storing them in a way that quickly gives employees the information they need to do their job.

Now, he can help optimise core business activities like HR, Accounts Payable, Contracts, Loan Processing, etc., by eliminating time-consuming manual processes, imaging and automatically routing documents to the next step in the workflow. Does that sound like where you want to be? Let’s work together to make your organisation a Digitiser today.