Image on Demand

Scan only those records you need, when you need them. By selectively scanning only the portions of the record that you need, you can significantly reduce conversion costs.


You're asked to improve productivity and streamline workflows however your efforts are often impeded by inefficient paper based manual processes. While your operations are becoming more electronic it's difficult to provide more value and better service if your staff continues to waste time and money searching through paper for the entire information they need. What if you could reduce your workload by eliminating paper intensive manual processes? Be confident in your staffs ability to securely share and access information when it's needed. Free up valuable real estate by moving your paper from file cabinets and storage rooms to a secure offsite facility. Deliver more value from your automated systems investments.

Transitioning a way from paper does not mean you need to digitised everything. When your physical documents are securely stored at Iron Mountain we can image your information for you when and as you need it. With the Iron Mountain Image on Demand service you can increase availability by maintaining easy digital access to your information while keeping your files offsite. You can increase your efficiency by using digital information to support applications this improves your processes and allow staff more time to focus on key initiatives.

With easy to use more efficient workflows you can increase digital adaption as you reduce your dependence on paper. Lastly you can leverage valuable space for more productive activities by moving files and file rooms offsite. What happens once you move your files? Trained specialists using imaging best practices will ensure your indexing, classification and quality assurance requirements are met. What's more? You can get all these benefits without ever moving your files from the security of Iron Mountain.

You'll experience a streamline process with improved information access that helps you respond more quickly to customers and prospects by creating digital copies of your valuable documents and hosting them in a central repository. Employees across your company will have more time to service your customers and focus on strategic initiatives that directly impact your bottom line. To learn how Iron Mountain's document imaging and management solutions help you get more space, more savings and more productivity please contact us today at 1-800-899-4766 or visit us at