Meet Pam, a Records Manager

Learn how Pam was able to cost-effectively take control of the organisation's digital and physical records and improve efficiency.


Meet Pam. Pam is human resource administrator for a fortune 1000 company. Her job is to manage all the company's records for all twenty offices.

Her system, ‘the big file pile system’, just doesn't work anymore.

Every day people are asking Pam where this file is and where that document is and after looking for an hour she usually concludes that it's at another office.

Pam is just one person, she wants to be perceived as the trained expert she is.

But can't continue providing the company with efficient record-keeping under her current storage and filing structure.

It's not just finding the files that's a problem either, we live in a world where people need to access information from anywhere and everywhere. There are also new regulatory legal and compliance standards coming out all the time.

How is Pam, this one person, supposed to balance all this?

While searching for answers her colleague, who works in the accounts payable department, tells her about Iron Mountain's document management solutions and how they helped her make the transition from physical to digital records.

With document management solutions Pam can unload the weight of the company's records into secured and protected storage and have all the files scanned and organised without having to lift a finger. It's all done for her.

The service pinpoints each client's specific pains. Whether it be compliance controlling costs weather it be compliance, controlling costs, disaster recovery or simple efficiency and provides the storing, accessing and managing solutions to relieve the pain.

Iron Mountain's document management solutions have given pam's company complete visibility and access to all their business records. Where and when they need them.

All while keeping them safe and sound. The enhanced access of digital archiving and hard copy storage as accelerated business, improved customer service, reduced costs and mitigated risks.

It's also made Pams life all whole lot easier, she can now focus on departmental responsibilities and projects that are central to our her core business practices. Whether you need document imaging active or electronic file storage or another document storage solution.

Iron Mountain can create and manage our fully integrated solution to meet your needs.

Get smarter, faster, reliable document management solutions from Iron Mountain today.