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Extending Security and Best Practices to Backup Tapes in Remote Areas

Customers rely on Iron Mountain to provide the services that safely, efficiently and effectively get their critical backup tapes offsite and out of harm’s way. However, we do recognise that there are certain situations where you may need to contract a third-party courier to transport media to an Iron Mountain vault. Such scenarios might include:

  • If your headquarters and branch locations are separated by a considerable distance, but you wish to centralise the storage of all backup media at the Iron Mountain vault near your primary data centre.
  • If one of your branch offices is in a remote location that is outside Iron Mountain’s delivery area.
  • If your organisation operates in a highly regulated industry, such as government, and therefore must comply with strict media-storage policies and audit guidelines, but is located far from the closest Iron Mountain vault that meets these specialised requirements.

Securing Media Transported by Third-Party Carriers

Whenever you are faced with a situation that requires the services of a third-party transporter to bring your tapes to Iron Mountain, our MediaCare™ service is there to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that once your backup media arrives at our vault, it is immediately subject to the same security measures and best practices that apply to every tape and electronic record delivered on an Iron Mountain vehicle.

Upon arrival, your backup tapes are immediately received by an authorised Iron Mountain employee, who then stores them following our best practice-based workflow process.

In addition, media received from third-party carriers is logged and tracked in a SecureSync® portal, our online media management application, upon arrival. This gives you complete visibility and control over your offsite backup tapes, and enables you to rapidly search inventory to locate tapes needed for disaster recovery, legal discovery or any other purpose. And, should you need a tape for any reason, you can simply request the specific tape through the application to coordinate its delivery with the third-party courier of your choice.

Ensuring a Comprehensive, Consistent Media Management Program

Iron Mountain’s MediaCare™ service gives you the confidence that, upon arrival, your media is treated with the high levels of care and security you’ve come to expect from Iron Mountain. The same highly trained professionals receive your media and store it following the same proven set of best practices we employ when vaulting backup tapes that arrive on one of our specialised vehicles.

Should you need this media to address any type of recovery situation, we’ll be there to coordinate with your preferred courier and get your backup tapes to your chosen recovery location so you can quickly and effectively reestablish operations.

In this way, MediaCare™ helps you establish sound, secure and consistent media management processes that deliver high levels of control to all of the backup tapes you store in an Iron Mountain vault, regardless of their point of origin or delivery method.

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