Partnering For Your EHR Success

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Benefits at a Glance

  • Available for a wide range of projects related to healthcare information management.
  • Offloads work from your staff, allowing you to focus on your core healthcare missions.
  • Applies best practices learned from hundreds of healthcare engagements.
  • Leverages Iron Mountain expertise and technology in records storage and protection.
  • Controls costs and minimizes disruptions through careful upfront planning.
  • Customizable for each medical facility’s specific needs and goals.

Your Partner in Health Information Management

For healthcare organizations, there have never been so many competing priorities. Providing excellent care and ensuring patient safety will always be paramount, but now those goals must be met against a backdrop of additional imperatives that include reducing costs, safeguarding patient information, and transitioning to the Electronic Health Record (EHR). From records planning and file-room management to system design and implementation, Iron Mountain can help your medical facility achieve its goals within budget and on time.

Iron Mountain has worked with thousands of hospitals and healthcare organizations to consult on numerous aspects of information storage, protection and access. As a result, we know how to complement your capabilities with best-practice expertise and impart first-hand knowledge as a seamless extension of your organization.

To make sure your health information projects go smoothly and achieve the return on investment you expect, consider partnering with Iron Mountain.

Leverage Our Expertise

Whether you use Iron Mountain for physical records storage, document or film conversion, or any of our other services, there will still be projects and information management challenges taxing your resources. With Iron Mountain Health Information Services, projects stay on track and gain the advantage of our experience in healthcare best practices. You can benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of information storage, retrieval and protection, and the technology that enables it.

A Wide Range of Vices for Your Healthcare Needs


The ultimate goal of medical records is to be able to access the right information, when it’s needed. Through effective indexing, Iron Mountain has helped thousands of organizations store information more effectively and gain more rapid access to patient files.

Our experts will work with your medical records staff to create an indexing system that is fast, efficient and reliable. For example, we can help you facilitate storage of “purge groups” in terminal digit sequence, maintain a comprehensive file-level inventory of each patient record stored, and group patient records by retention requirements.


Common problems in healthcare include loose-sheets filing — paperwork generated at various places in the care cycle that need to be properly filed in your records system — and maintaining records in their proper sequence. Iron Mountain can alleviate these problems by either providing the filing service on an outsourced basis, or by helping you develop a workflow procedure that allows your staff to dropfile loose papers consistently and reliably and interfile records in their proper sequence.

Project Management

To help stay focused on core missions, many organizations choose to outsource their project management to Iron Mountain. By letting our team manage the project — in close communication and cooperation with your own staff — your healthcare facility ensures a predictable, reliable project outcome and avoids overburdening your own staff. Iron Mountain’s participation can be as limited or extensive as you require. Dedicated project managers and experienced staff assure that projects run on time and on budget.

In-house File-Room Migrations and Purges

Without regular purging and shifting, your file room quickly outgrows capacity. With our purging services, inactive patient files can be moved to offsite storage. We can also assist with other fileroom issues such as inventory cleanups, file migrations from active to inactive, and file retention processes that reduce your cost of handling and help you save on valuable storage space.

New System Design and Implementation

Whether the system you are implementing is a new filing process or a new technology such as a digital repository for EHRs, Iron Mountain can help ensure the system is a success. Using the knowledge gained from our past engagements with other healthcare organizations, our experts can add value to file-room practices by ensuring that you use best practices. We can also help convert existing file systems to newer, more effective sort-andnumber sequences.

Facilities Management

Managing your file room or your data center is a challenging and costly task. For some healthcare facilities, it makes sense to outsource the operation of these activities, even if the facilities remain at your location. Iron Mountain can manage and operate your facilities for you for the shortterm while you get your own staff up to speed, or over the long-term so you can focus your resources elsewhere. Iron Mountain can also help you plan and start up your operations, so you can transition smoothly and effectively, with no disruption to medical services.

Helping You Meet the Information Challenge

Whatever project your healthcare facility is undertaking — improving workflow of patient information, transitioning to EHR, reducing the costs of file rooms, improving access to patient records — Iron Mountain can help ensure its success.

Health information has never been more complex, or more important. Let us bring our best-practice knowledge and healthcare expertise to bear on your challenge, so you can stay in budget, on schedule, and focused on your core missions of quality care and patient safety.