Vital Records Storage

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Your vital records stored in a highly secure, climate controlled vault

Iron Mountain’s ‘Vital Records Storage’ service will give you the assurance that your information is protected above and beyond the high standards that Iron Mountain already uses in our records centres. Storage in Iron Mountain’s specialist vaults across Australia offer enhanced security in climate controlled environments to protect your records in the long term.

What are Vital Records

Vital records are defined as data that is essential for the survival of an organisation. Typically vital records would only make up about 5% of an organisation’s total data. Examples of vital records usually include contracts, title deeds, disaster recovery plans, IT configuration details, wills, operating procedures, tax and auditing records.

Solutions and Capabilities

  • Security ensures compliance with data protection and retention regulations.
  • Long term preservation of archival records which deteriorate over time.
  • Risk mitigation of fires, flooding, insect damage, dust and light damage.

Addressing your Business Challenges

  • Security. You have records which need to be stored in a high security vault.
  • Compliance. Data protection and retention regulation compliance is a requirement.
  • Risk. Mitigating risk to your critical records is imperative and needs to be stored off site in a specialist secure environment.
  • Preservation. Your records are of sensitive material and may deteriorate over time unless stored under specialist conditions.

Features at a Glance

Vault Features

  • State-of-the art vaults constructed to Iron Mountain’s global reputable standards in every major centre.
  • Fully gated, intrusion detection 24/7 BtB alarm, electronic access control and CCTV monitoring.
  • 4 hour fire rated, VESDA, Inergen gas suppression protection.
  • Redundant climate control at 20°C and 40% RH.
  • Bar coded, itemised and catalogued storage.

Service Features

  • All employees are Police File Checked annually.
  • PCI complaint processes and standards.

Transportation Features

  • National dedicated specialist fleet.
  • Alarmed vehicles.
  • Uniformed, ID’d, security screened drivers.

Vital Record Container

Container Features

  • External dimensions 42cm x 34.3cm x 29.3cm.
  • Internal dimensions 38.1cm x 30.5cm x 25.4cm.
  • Empty container weight 2.7215kg.
  • Dual padlock capability for security.
  • Suitable for storage of up to A4 size items.
  • Accommodates hanging folders.
  • Container dispels water.

Containers need to be ordered on request.

What Can Go in the Container What Can't Go in the Container
Documents Explosives and flammables
Photographic material Liquids
Media, such as magnetic tapes, x-rays, microfiche, microfilm Bio-hazards

If you are unsure about what can or cannot go in the Vital Records Container please call to speak to an Iron Mountain representative on 1300 IRON MTN.


By using Iron Mountain’s dedicated Vital Records Storage service, you will have peace of mind that your sensitive information is protected and is less likely to deteriorate over time due to our climate controlled environment. In addition, you will be able to demonstrate the steps you have taken to protect your information, helping you meet compliance and retention requirements around your data.

Find Out More

To find out more about how Iron Mountain’s Vital Records Storage service can help you, call us on 1300 IRON MTN.