Record Management Services

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Cost-Effective, Legally Defensible Records Management

Does This Sound Familiar?

“ A data breach could send our share price tumbling. I need to minimise our exposure to that kind of risk.”

“ Despite growing compliance requirements, I’ve been asked to spend less and cost-justify our records management programme.”

“ We don’t have a consistent approach to managing information across locations.”

“ All the new privacy legislation has me worried that our records aren’t secure or well protected.”

“ The discovery process is costly, complex, and time-consuming.”

“ My job is to make sure we find the information we need when we need it. To make that happen, I need better tools, access, and control.”

“ I’m concerned that our records management practices are not compliant. How can I meet regulations in a practical, cost-effective manner?”

“ One of my biggest challenges is managing the conversion of physical records into digital formats for easier access and retrieval.”

A Trusted Partner

Since 1951, companies have trusted the employees of Iron Mountain to help them develop and implement their records management programmes. Our leading source of new business is referral, customer retention is 98 percent, and our first customer is still with us. Today, over 120,000 organisations, including more than 95 percent of the Fortune 1000, partner with Iron Mountain.

Whether you need secure and compliant offsite storage, management of active records, vital records protection, or migration from physical to electronic records, our expertise and integrated services can help.


If your company is public or highly regulated, it has never been more crucial to properly manage your business records. With multiple locations, the challenge is even greater. Complex regulatory requirements and increased litigation have made records management mission-critical. At the same time, economic realities require aggressive control of programme expenses.

Developing and maintaining a legally defensible and consistently implemented records management programme increases control over information, mitigates risk and liability, and lowers both hard and soft costs — creating value for you.

To be compliant, your programme must document consistent policies and procedures across locations for retaining and disposing of hard-copy and electronic records, as well as proof of training, ongoing communication, enforcement, and measurement.

Iron Mountain’s proven, six-step process helps our customers get and stay compliant. We can evaluate your current programme against industry best practices to drive improvements in consistency, accessibility, adoption, and accountability.

Iron Mountain’s Employees Are Committed To Helping You:

  • Comply with laws and regulations stipulating the retention and protection of sensitive information
  • Reduce discovery and litigation expenses related to retrieving documents and emails for evidentiary purposes
  • Support business initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, regulatory approvals, and collaboration with partners through timely records retrieval
  • Reduce the cost of records management through operational efficiencies

Records Management Consulting

Iron Mountain consultants can help you develop and implement a programme that encompasses both physical and electronic records. Examples of deliverables include; a retention schedule supported by domestic and international legal research for each record class and polices and procedures.


Everything you need to administer your records management programme can be easily accessed through Iron Mountain’s Web Management System.Whether you want to request a pickup, place a retrieval order, or manage inventory, the convenience of one-stop, 24x7 self-service puts you in control.

Set User Permissions

As an Iron Mountain Web Management System administrator, you can restrict information access by setting individual permissions. User rights can be constrained by function and division/department, enabling fast, efficient searches of only relevant records.

Ensure Quality Indexing

To ensure that users describe each file and/or carton sent to storage, you can require descriptive information. Iron Mountain’s Web Management System makes this easy by enabling you to designate required fields and customise them with your terminology. Enhancing the quality of your records index improves access, saves time, and reduces costs.

Post Policies And Procedures

To help you reinforce your records management programme, Iron Mountain’s Web Management System enables you to post policies and procedures online, giving users immediate access.

Apply Retention Policies

Destroying records as soon as legally permissible helps reduce risk and minimise storage costs. Using your retention schedule, Iron Mountain’s Web Management System can calculate destruction dates automatically. Your written authorisation is then required before any records are destroyed.

Generate Reports

Through Iron Mountain’s Web Management System you can access and analyse inventory, retention, activity, and financial data to better manage your programme.


Timely, accurate access to information is critical to your success. Iron Mountain’s proven workflows combine standard operating procedures with multiple barcode scans to ensure that your records are accurately processed. We also regularly measure these quality-control processes to drive continuous improvement.

Incoming Workflow

From the moment our driver arrives to pick up your materials, to their storage in our secure facilities, your records are protected. With the InControl® system, our advanced transportation platform, your cartons and packages are scanned three times: at your location, at Iron Mountain’s dock, and onto their shelf location. Each scan is validated against the previous one to ensure accuracy and preserve a tight chain of custody.

To facilitate future retrievals, you can enter descriptive information into Iron Mountain’s Web Management System or we can perform data entry for you.

Customer Support

Nothing is easier than Iron Mountain’s Web Management System for routine pickup and retrieval orders. Sometimes, though, you need assistance. When you have questions — any day, any time — one of our customer service representatives will answer your call and collaborate with your local team to resolve issues in real time. You get the best of both worlds: consistent, always-on support, implemented locally for a personalised response.

Retrieval Workflow

Our retrieval workflow also employs a triple-check process. First, each carton is scanned against the original to ensure order accuracy, then we scan the carton a second time and load it onto a designated vehicle. Finally, our driver scans the carton a third time at your location and captures an electronic signature to verify chain of custody.


Information is your most valuable asset. To keep it safe, we’ve built a dedicated security team led by a Chief Security Officer, standardised our security practices, and invested nearly $200 million in our facilities and vehicles over the past 10 years. Carefully screened and trained employees, supported by proven systems, are committed to protecting your documents.


The key to information security is people. To earn your confidence, all Iron Mountain employees must pass comprehensive background checks. Employees also receive ongoing training to ensure performance and customer focus. Our people know they’re doing more than putting boxes on a shelf; they’re managing and protecting your vital business assets.


You need to know that your records are stored safely. Our Principles of Global Facility Protection mandate some of the industry’s most advanced systems to safeguard your information both inside and outside our buildings, including:

  • Intrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Physical access control systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Central monitoring of protection systems


Our InControl platform protects records in motion, when security is especially critical, through a secure logistics methodology of Prevention, Early Detection and Correction, and Proof.

Early Detection and Correction.If an error occurs, early detection is crucial to correction. Wireless technology enables our drivers to scan and reconcile orders en route and communicate with the record center in real time.

Proof.To be compliant, you must be able to prove you’re compliant. InControl captures an auditable chain of custody, including electronic signatures, as records move between your facilities and ours.

Converting Physical To Digital

Transitioning To Electronic Records

Document conversion with Iron Mountain enables you to outsource scanning without moving files, preserving chain of custody and reducing risk. What’s more, our Image on Demand™ service scans only what you need, only when you need it. A document is removed from its carton, scanned, and returned to secure storage. The image can then be accessed from our secure Digital Record Center® for Images, uploaded into your electronic content management system, or emailed to you as an encrypted file. Making document conversion with Iron Mountain part of your electronic record transition plan helps ensure that your migration is cost-effective and secure.

Image Hosting

For many companies, maintaining an in-house image repository is impractical. If you want online access without the infrastructure, consider the Iron Mountain Digital Record Center for Images. This secure, hosted service eliminates capital costs, is easy to deploy and administer, and enhances compliance. Sophisticated search tools allow authorised users to quickly retrieve digital records 24x7 via the Internet.

Managing Active Records

If you maintain one or more file rooms staffed by company employees, our Active Space File solutions can lower costs, free up space, and ensure consistency. First, we consolidate your active records at one of our facilities or one of yours. We then perform retrieval, filing, interfiling, and other activities based on best practices that mitigate risk, speed discovery, and meet compliance requirements. Highly scalable, ActivFile solutions also enable cost-effective migration to electronic records when coupled with Iron Mountain document conversion services.

Complementary Services

Onsite Programme Management

Iron Mountain can place professionals with your organisation to manage hard-copy and electronic records throughout the information lifecycle and across locations. Leveraging best practices, our personnel can develop and document consistent policies and procedures, improve information access, train your people and enforce adoption, and measure results. Letting Iron Mountain administer your records management programme gives you more time for your core competencies and provides the flexibility to meet changing market conditions.

Vital Records Protection

Properly storing your vital records — those with legal, historical, or intellectual-property value — helps prevent noncompliance, loss of value, restoration costs, and other risks. Above-ground vaults offer protection from disaster, temperature, moisture, and contaminants. For even greater security, we also operate underground facilities. Private, shared, and custom configurations are available.

Custom Solutions

Experienced professionals on our Custom Solutions teams can be leveraged as an extension of your staff, freeing time to focus on your core business. Indexing, classification, destruction, imaging, and inventory relocation services help customers manage records more efficiently, lower costs, and increase control, compliance, and consistency.

Professional Supplies

Ensuring the integrity of your business records means storing them in cartons designed for the job. Iron Mountain provides a variety of cartons manufactured to exacting standards, designed for ease of use, tested for durability — and delivered to your door.

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Iron Mountain provides highly secure facilities for both tape backup and archival purposes. We operate our own secure transportation services with rigorous chain-of-custody control for media in transit. While in storage, your tapes are protected in secure, environmentally optimised vaults, yet available to you 24x7. With Iron Mountain’s Offsite Tape Vaulting, you can reduce the possibility of data losses, theft, and business interruptions, while enabling quick recovery in the event of a disaster or other disruption.