Whether you are looking for improved access to archived records, or to facilitate a digital workflow, Iron Mountain is able to provide a document conversion solution to meet your unique needs. We offer:

  • Bulk scanning of archived documents
  • Same-day scanning of new documents as part of your workflow
  • On-demand scanning of paper records stored with us
  • OCR text rendering - Our software can extract data from forms automatically, read barcodes and even handwriting
  • Automatic classification and data extraction
  • Online hosted archive – Secure, anytime, anywhere access to your scanned documents
  • Integration with your current paper workflow and seamless interfaces withmost existing document management systems
  • Best practices for document security, access, and compliance

Information Processing Services

Technology reduces both cost and time to process information

Utilising world-leading technology, Iron Mountain’s techniques for automatically extracting data from digital records can change the information management paradigm in your organisation. With automatic document classification and data extraction, we are able to simplify the myriad streams of incoming data to your organisation, whether it be in paper, fax, email or other formats, and deliver this as enriched information, directly to the appropriate business process engine, ready to be actioned by today’s knowledge worker. You will not only reduce the costs in receiving inbound information, but also reduce your processing cycle times, delivering tangible benefits to your organisation. Talk to us today to find out how Iron Mountain Information Processing Services can help your business.